michigan firewood

Hardwood Bark & Chip Delivery
15352 Croswell St.
West Olive, MI 49460

We Cut Only Michigan Hardwoods

In the woods we are working in right now, the trees are at least 95% oak, with maple and cherry as the remaining 5%. We only use hard woods and never include pine or poplar.

A timber harvesting machine cuts, delimbs and stacks our firewood while it is still in the woods. TA machine called a forwarder picks up piles of wood stacked by the processor and carries the wood to the landing where it is loaded on the truck for delivery. This keeps the firewood clean and free of dirt.

Many loggers drag the trees out of the woods through mud and dirt. The wood is then cut up on a landing. This type of timber harvesting results in dirty firewood that dulls chainsaw chains.